More hormones for muscle growth. Buy Oxandrolone online

Do you know what oxanprime, causes muscles to grow? That’s right, anabolic hormones and oxandrolone. Let’s enumerate: testosterone, insulin, IGF-1 and growth hormone. So, buy oxanprime, from the point of view of any medical, training with “iron” – a time-consuming method of influence on their own hormonal system, in order to “squeeze” out of it a little more “growth” hormone buy hcg uk. Actually, the way it is. Sami estimate, in our body there is only one way out: in response to pressure to raise athletic secretion of anabolic hormones. Active inflow hormones cause muscle tissue to grow muscle, the muscle will become longer and therefore stronger, buy oxandrolone.

Meanwhile, the exercise – not the only way to spur job hormonal glands.

There are other methods. In particular, a special diet, nutritional supplements and restful sleep. If you put together all these “growth factors”, the set of muscle mass, of course, cool accelerate. Before you specific advice about the main anabolic hormones.


This hormone has the largest “Rostov” potential. The only problem is that it affects a bunch of secret factors, and all the worse. Here and poor nutrition, and arrhythmias “sleep-wake”, nervous overload, psychological stress, unhealthy environment, genetics, and so unfortunate.

So, if you take a selective measure testosterone levels in different strokes, buy oxanprime online, you get a huge range of values: from 1200 nanograms per deciliter of blood (healthy!) To 300 nanograms (sad!). Incidentally, the high level of testosterone today only few have seen, buy oxandrolone online. Well, in order to “grow”, this hormone should be a lot, a lot …

How to increase the secretion of testosterone, oxanprime for sale?

Yes, very simple – eat more fat! A secret that fats – direct feed to the “production” of testosterone. When they do not have enough testosterone, of course, to “do” out of nothing. It turns out that a bodybuilder, “cut” fat calories for muscular “relief”, beats himself on the most sore point! And do not even think to object! All this is a thousand times checked-retransmission-vereno science, oxandrolone for sale! Those vegetarians chronically low levels of testosterone, and transplant them on fatty meat diet, and all the men again become full.

It should be emphasized that in the case of deficiency of fat does not help any diet is the most correct, oxanprime order. Scientists planted strokes on a diet with an ideal ratio of protein and carbohydrates, but the ultra-low levels of testosterone remained until in the diet did not add in the good fats. As a result, firmly established that the content of the peak of his “native” jock testosterone is at 30% of fats in your daily menu. And if he was not very lucky with genetics, that is a reason to add another 10%! In short, 40% – this is a solid guarantee of complete order testosterone.

And what will happen if the “inject” an even more fat? Nothing! Testosterone, on the contrary, decreases.

Everyone knows that there is fat “healthy” and “unhealthy”. However, in reality, the situation is murky, buy oxandrolone. The label often write one, but what is contained within something else. How to be? Experts advise is this: a minimum of fat in the usual dishes, but in the morning you pour a couple tablespoons of flax or hemp oil. Plus you buy at the pharmacy capsules fat “omega-3” and once or twice a week “miss” by serving fairly fatty salmon. But! Do not even look in the direction of fish canned in oil. Oil there was not “fishy”, and the cheapest, refined.