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Changing the position of the feet can be costly for your knee joints, oxandrolone.

This is the correct position of the foot: they are shoulder-width apart, toes slightly outward deployed. This is precisely the position of the feet enables the body position of strength when performing any exercises on your feet and legs allows the muscles to show maximum effort and buy oxandrolone.

If you try to breed widely socks or, on the contrary, bring them inside, it will lead to a slight displacement of the maximum load relative to its position at the foot of the classical position.

The birth of the method of magnetic resonance imaging for the first time allowed to “see” how muscles work in the performance of certain exercises, buy oxandrolone online.

Thus, today we know that the extension of the toes outward leads to displacement of the load on the internal area of the quadriceps, while socks mix gives the opposite result – the load is shifted to the outer area of the quadriceps.

Changing the position of the feet is allowed only in the auxiliary exercises such as leg extension and leg curls. As for the main movements, squats, leg press and hack squats, then a foot here dolzhnystoyat only classic!

Well, all sorts of experiments with change of foot position is half complete ban, oxanprime! The reason is this.

When you deploy the foot relative to the center line of the knee there is a twisting force. It is safe only if you make a so-called “open” exercise. Examples of such exercises are just the extension and leg curls, oxanprime for sale. This term means that your feet are unsupported.

Squats, leg presses and hack squats are ‘closed’ exercises, oxanprime online. Here you are standing on the floor and your knees assume a huge weight weights.

When lowering into a squat (knees flexed) torsional force within the knee joint becomes extremely traumatic, and, injury risk increases in proportion to your working weight, oxanprime order.

An exception to this rule are only rises on socks standing and sitting for calves. This exercise also refers to “closed”, but in the process of moving you do not bend and unbend your knees.

For this reason, changing the position of the feet, oxanprime for sale, which is used for the reinforced leveling internal and external areas of the calf muscles, is safe.