How to build leg. Buy Oxanprime

Well-ka, dropped his pants, oxanprime. Yes, if you – a fan of mid-statistic, we can say with confidence that your feet are far from ideal. You may wonder where to start? Yes, even with these seven rules and buy oxandrolone! Here is the theoretical basis of the effective “foot” of the program.

1. Understand the difference between exercises

To begin with especially clear about “foot” anatomy. Your lower limbs are three joints – the knee. ankle and hip. Each joint service their muscles, buy oxanprime online, so if you want to load the legs, as they say from the bottom up, you need to choose an activity, “including” all three joints. The choice here is small. We are talking about squats and their variations – leg press and hack prissdah.

It operates one joint in the leg extension – the knee. The curls – is also one knee. Rise on your toes – this is the work of the ankle, oxanprime for sale. One might think that exercise odnosustavnye “profitable.” For example, in the weight of the barbell squat is sprayed around the legs array, but in the whole extension of the load precisely fit into the quadriceps. However, it is not.

For reasons of anatomical order, you are able to sit down with a huge weight, and in specific terms by the load will fall quads obviously more than that, you can give them to the extension, oxanprime order. Why then need extension?

Firstly, by extension, you can selectively add a quadriceps strain, if you fall behind. Secondly, the extension form rounded convex shape quadriceps, do not do sit-ups. From sit-ups at many of the increases patellar quadriceps. In other words, we are talking about the impact parameter “cosmetic” effect on the muscle. Well, polyarticular movement work “on the weight.”

2. Do a workout

We used to think that the warm-up – it is insurance against injuries. Articular tissues like plasticine, oxandrolone for sale. With increasing temperature, they become softer, more elastic. . So due to the warm-up and really can reduce the risk of sprains, micro-breaks, etc. On the other hand, the amplitude of the exercise “foot” is not so great – why be afraid? But with the warm-up, you can lose strength, which are so necessary for pumping the legs with huge weights. So even the guys with the experience of trying to warm up to “save”. Leg Press couple of sets are made with light weight, and that is enough, legal oxandrolone. But here’s a new discovery of Sports Medicine. It turns out that the return of exercises depends on the power of the nerve impulse that receives muscle.

Do not confuse power with force. Strength – this is when you’re trying to lift a sack of potatoes alone, and power – this is when the same grab bag just ten men.

So, the output level increases gradually, according to its laws. The muscle is “Generators”, which accumulated nervous energy first, and then send it on along the nerve axon – in muscle tissue depth.

Once again, to force it all the muscles has little relevance. Immediately after a couple of warm-up sets, you can easily go on record weight in the squat, and beat him. However, in terms of further muscle growth efficiency of squats will be minimal. In other words, the muscles have to act like a stale car in the garage. First you need to “drive” it at idle. This activates the muscle nerve network and the effectiveness of the exercises will increase many times, oxandrolone order.

So how do you need to warm up? Start with a 10-minute aerobic workout on a stationary bike or stepper. The load must be such that you have a little sweat. Next, do a couple of light stretching exercises quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves, each time staying in a stretched position (without biasing) for 20-30 seconds.

Many people try to warm up leg extensions, but this exercise works mainly on the quads. Preferably the leg press, as it is also accompanied by movement in the hip joint. Due to this, buy oxandrolone, warm up the muscles of the pelvis, waist, buttocks and hamstrings. Do the three warm-up sets with light weight and a large number of repetitions (15-20) – in any case not before the muscle “failure”! – And consider that you are ready for serious work.