Conditions for muscle growth. Buy Oxandrolone

Whoever you are, beginner or green champion “Olympia”, oxanprime, in bodybuilding you live by the same rules. They fixed the fundamentals of training, nutrition and recovery forces that determine the extreme muscle growth, buy oxanprime. They are gained decades of hard training practice, which has absorbed a brilliant victories and crushing failures. Just follow the proven methodologies, and you win is guaranteed!


Regular stretching accelerates muscle growth, buy oxanprime online. Unlocking the science has found recently. It turns out that at the time of stretching the muscle cell at the expense of system evacuation effect draws in the protein of the extracellular fluid. Yoga eat a fig, and therefore remain thin, oxanprime for sale. High-protein diet will lead to the opposite result.

How to apply: After training intensively working muscles stretch 15-25 minutes.

Motivation for muscle growth

Under the influence of heavy training the mental tone inevitably falls, oxanprime order.

Thinking becomes dull, sleepy rolls, deteriorating memory … And, do not help either coffee or a special “Energy”.

Where does the desire to undertake training? Scientists say that to blame the monotony of mental strength exercises, legal oxanprime. Agree sciroxx, team battle on the football field is a lot more fun than the monotonous repetition of the same movements in a confined space. Nevertheless, there is a solution. Most change the training program!

How to apply: Train cyclically! Every 2-2.5 weeks to radically change the nature of the training.

The basis for muscle growth

Remember, you, the bodybuilder buy oxandrolone, there are only three major exercises: squats, bench press and deadlift. This is followed by pulling heavy traction for back muscles and presses standing / sitting. All other exercises are optional. They practically do not add muscle, buy oxandrolone online.

Conclusion? Will return only the training program, which is built on the foundation of a limited number of basic movements. Failures in bodybuilding always explained only one reason: a lover does not “those” exercises.

How to apply: Focus on the squat, bench press and becomes. Persistently increase the operating weight. In all three exercises have critical power threshold beyond which they begin to grow rapidly total lean body mass. For the bench press – a figure of 125-130 kg in the squat – 130-150 kg, for becoming – 150-180 kg, oxandrolone.