Bench on the shoulders – what to choose? Legal Oxanprime

Bench sitting can be done with a barbell, oxanprime, but you can with dumbbells. Is there a difference? Find out the answer! Buy oxanprime!

At this time, we will reply to the question concerning methods of training deltoids. Apply an update at the next training session, and you are guaranteed to make it more effective!

Q: Which is better: bench press barbell or dumbbell bench press?

Experiment: In comparative tests, was attended by 10 bodybuilders with a great training experience.

The test performed sets

presses rod sitting (breast) and

presses with dumbbells sitting. Operating weight was 75% of a single maximum.

Results: In both exercises, the front and middle deltoids bundles exhibit very high activity. (The rear beam is practically inactive. Buy oxandrolone)

However, in the bench of the bar front beam is loaded more than the bench press with dumbbells. The average beam works somewhat weaker.


Rod considered unbeatable tool for pumping arms as the weight of the rod is always greater than the total weight of the dumbbell, oxanprime for sale.

However, studies have shown that the expected large load on the middle beam deltas Rod does not. Here the advantage of the dumbbells. The bench of the bar has to withdraw his elbows forward. It just reduces the load on the middle of the delta.

When bench dumbbell elbows are placed exactly in the hand. Due to this load on the average delta increases.


The training should include both the deltas exercise. However, as he and the other type of regime are the basic exercises, oxandrolone order, they should practice the cycle as the title complex exercise.

At the same time, we must remember that presses do not have a comprehensive and integrated impact on the delta. Rear delta remain without work. Legal oxandrolone.